About Us

About Our Company

We love beauty.  Beauty products, luscious hair, flawless skin, impeccable nails, we love it all.  We wish to share that love with the world.

We were incorporated in 2012, but have been an ever-evolving idea, existing in notebooks and emails for years before that.  Initially, we focused on providing nail services, at retail outlets and beauty/fashion shows as well as at our own flagship nail bar in the centre of London within a prestigious boutique salon.  For a few years, we preened the hands and feet of London’s elite (with a few celebrities thrown in for good measure).

Then came marriages and baby carriages, that forced us to re-evaluate the purpose and mission of our company.  During this down time, we realised the gaps in the market with regards to ‘black beauty’.  This is an industry that we loved, yet there was so much lacking in information for darker skin tones.

Enter the ‘Little Black Beauty Book’.  We flipped through all our beauty contacts and began to research products, treatments and looks for women of darker skin with kinky/curly hair.

Today we aim to help women navigate this ever changing beauty landscape to discover the products and treatments that are right for them.



Meet our founder, Teni Giokabari

My mission is to demystify the beauty market so that you can make informed decision about the products you use and achieve the looks you wish to attain.


A fully qualified, highly trained beauty expert, I began my career in the beauty industry as a nail technician, working for brands such as Nails Inc, Aveda, Bliss Spas, and eventually becoming the European representative for boutique nail brand, M2M Damorejon.

During this time I provided mobile nail services at various events such as London Fashion week, Paris Fashion Week, Magazine events, Launch Parties and private parties.

With all this experience and an International Marketing degree under my belt, I set my sights on creating a brand of my own, as I believe I can be of more service to women.  Being of a darker skin tone, I have experienced the frustration of trawling the high street for the right makeup, hair or beauty products and having to buy the ‘closest’ shade to my skin because there was nothing available.

I have heard it said many times, that “if you want something done properly, do it yourself”.  That is what I did.

I am embarking on a journey to help women celebrate their beauty.  The shade of your skin, the kink in your hair, the fullness of your nose and the shape of your lips, are what make you, well…you.  I am obsessed with products and treatments, new and old, that are efficient and enhance beauty as opposed to hiding it.