Curly Hair | Dove Advert Sparks A Debate

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Curly Hair | Dove Hair: Love Your Curls

This advert by Dove, reveals some startling stats about curly-haired girls. According to the ad

“Only 4 in 10 girls think that their curly hair is beautiful.”

That is sad. We should be setting a better example by wearing our curly hair with pride, instead of hiding under weaves/wigs and straightening it. If we celebrate our own features, whether or not we have children, we will teach the next generation to grow up without body issues.

Even the way we talk about our hair, bodies and skin makes an impression on the young girls around us. According to the ad,

“Girls are 7 times more likely to like their curls if people around them do to.”


Curly Hair

When or how exactly did curly hair became an undesirable feature? There was a time we chemically treated our hair so it could be curly. Enter the ‘Perm’ and ‘Jheri Curl’ of the 80’s.

Curly hair is beautiful, versatile, and transformable. It is just as beautiful as straight hair. The sooner, we as adults get to grips with this, the quicker these beautiful young ladies will begin to appreciate and cherish their God given locks.

Dove’s Real Beauty and Self Esteem Campaign

In 2004, Dove set out to widen the definition of beauty with the real beauty campaign.  They set up the self esteem project which delivers self esteem education to young girls aged 8-17 years old.  This project aims to change the relationship the next generation have with their looks.  There are lots of articles, tips and tools available on their website if you would like to get involved with their mission.

Kudos to Dove for shining a light on this really important issue.  You can find out more on their website: click here

Better yet, join the conversation on social media and tell Dove what #beautyis to you. (on their website or via facebook, twitter or instagram).